Monday, February 7, 2011

Day numba 7!

Hello! Today is the end of day number 7 and even though I haven't posted every day I'm doing really well!!!
I weighed myself today (I would like to start weighing in every Monday) and guess what?!?!

I'm at.....


That's -6 lbs!!!!


My immediate goal is to try and lose 30 lbs in 10 weeks, I thought 3 lbs a week is very possible and so far so good :]

Soo since I'm talking about my goals I wanted to chat about some of the ones I want to achieve within the next year..

#1. First and foremost... I soooo badly want to run a marathon. I am not a runner nor have I ever been but I think I could be if I really push myself I could do it!! Soon enough I will be starting the couch to 5k program!

#2. My weight I would love to be numbers wise would be 140.. the weight I think I would be very happy with and healthy would be 160 (that's what my drivers license says.. HA!)

#3. I have a pair of pants I have had for probably 7 years that are a size 9 (they have never been worn!).. I have been wearing "plus" size and double digit pants for a looongg time now and cant wait to fit a size 9!

#4. SELF CONTROL!  So many times when Ive dieted Ive cheated and then given up for that day and eated everything in sight! Obviously that's not going to work! I know I will eat fast food again one day or really fattening ice cream which is ok! in moderation! So one day I will be able to stop myself instead of eating till I'm so full I cant walk.. lol

#5. Be 100% confident in a bikini! Like every other women right?! Well I'm young and I want to be able to strut around in a bikini before I have kids! :]

#6. Get healthy before I get married or have children. I want to instill my healthy habits on my family!

#7. My boyfriend being able to pick me up or give me a piggy back ride without me being scared of breaking him :]

I think those are some good ones for now and very possible!

Well today hasn't been anything exciting..

BIG bowl of cereal (3 cups of multi grain cheerios!) - 6pts
1 cup non fat milk - 2pts
1 cup strawberries- 1pts

(I was kinda busy when I got home!)

Beef tips and brown rice - 9pts
light butter-1

So I'm at 22 pts and have 4 left :]

I'm getting good at this!

Thanks for checkin in!

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