Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Day numba 3! and a donut... yikes!

Hello everybody! Day numba three and going strong... besides the donut I ate! Yikes!
Well let me explain....
Sooo I work in a bakery as a cake decorator. Well sometimes I help out by closing.. well today was one of those days... wellllll when we close we take all of the donuts for the day and mark them down.. dozen for 1.99.. what a deal huh?! (its always the bad food thats inexpensive :[ ) well after we box up all the dozen donuts they dont always come out even so the last couple usually get eaten by employees or tossed.. well I was trying sooooooooooo hard not to eat one today but I was veery hungry and they smelled soooo delicious.. so I broke down.. and I had.......... 1/8 of it!!!
So yes I did have a donut BUT I cut off a very small part and ate it! Although I did give in Im proud that I was able to have a very small part and my craving was gone!

Well my diet was not really anything interesting today since I got off so late so Im not gonna post it today! I did however use all my points which is 26 and 3 of my weekly points which is 35 and now 32!

Well off to bed! night night!

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